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  1. Our Blog is where our members expand on topics of interest to our community.
  2. Our News Articles are posts of information relevant to our members and community, generally brief excerpts with links for further information.
  3. Our Newsletter is distributed monthly to members.
  4. Peace Corps Community News brings you to the National Peace Corps Association’s blog.
  5. Social Media
    1. Our Facebook group and Instagram page are interactive and open to anyone who cares about climate change and environmental issues. You may post relevant environmental information or questions in our Facebook group.
    2. Join our Google Listserv and receive communications about events happening specific to the RPCVs for Environmental Action community.
    3. Our Twitter feed looks for #RPCVsTakeAction, #GoodGreenNews posts and other environmentally relevant actions to share with the community.
    4. Our LinkedIn page is a great way to zero in quickly on selected articles to the environment and climate change.

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