Letter to Editor on Biden and Climate Change Published in NY Times

Monday November 16, 2020

Kate Schachter, Co-founder of RPCV4EA, had her letter to the editor published in the NY Times. She responded to the news article, “Biden Will Roll Back Parts of Trump Agenda With Strokes of a Pen,” drawing attention to the damage of ‘America First’ policies and imploring us to work together for the planet. The full text of the letter is below.



To the Editor:

Biden Will Roll Back Parts of Trump Agenda With Strokes of a Pen” (news article, Nov. 9) gives me hope for the future.

As a returned Peace Corps volunteer and a co-founder of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers for Environmental Action, I have worked in the battle against desertification in northern Ghana and against flooding from melting glaciers in the country of Georgia. These issues were not caused by these countries alone, but also by our own country, through our narrow focus on “America first.”

For the sake of my children’s future, I have been fighting for improved environmental policy since the first oil crisis in the 1970s and am heartened to see the ideas that President-elect Joe Biden campaigned on. He can count on my group to support environmental justice and climate action.

I call on all of us to listen carefully and respectfully to one another and to work together as we move forward for the planet.

Kate Schachter

Madison, Wis.


This was Kate’s first time writing a letter to the editor. Beginner’s luck? We think it was her passion and Peace Corps credibility! Get tips to write your own letter to the editor here.

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