RPCV4EA and GAP: At the Intersection of Global Health and Climate Change

Date : January 25, 2023 8:30 pm To January 25, 2023 9:30 pm

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Date: 25 Jan 2022
Time: 8:30pm – 9:30pm EST

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Join us with Global Allies Program (GAP): Partners Ending Poverty with RESULTS! This month we are partnering with GAP to have a conversation with Dr. Cheryl Holder on the impacts of climate on health, then take action on the crisis. You can be coached on writing a letter to the editor as one of the action options.

“The World Health Organization (WHO) called climate change “the single biggest health threat facing humanity,” warning that its effects could be more catastrophic and enduring than the coronavirus pandemic.”

– Washington Post, October 20, 2021

According to the WHO, climate change has overwhelmingly adverse effects on many social and environmental determinants of health – clean air, safe drinking water, sufficient food, and secure shelter. Populations living in coastal regions, polar regions, and developing islands are most vulnerable, particularly low-income children and the elderly. Women in lower-income and middle-income countries and fragile states are especially vulnerable, as are small farmers. Wildfires and extreme heat are key issues; as they have affected people in the US and globally – resulting in internal displacement and increases in cross-border migration. Lower-income countries with weak healthcare infrastructure will be the least able to cope without assistance to prepare and respond to devastating natural disasters, increasing outbreaks of respiratory and infectious diseases, declining mental health, and growing food insecurity. No one is safe from the effects of climate change.

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Dr. Cheryl Holder – Guest Speaker

Our guest speaker is Dr. Cheryl Holder, Associate Professor, and Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, and Community Initiatives at Florida International University, and Co-Chair, Florida Medical Society Consortium on Climate Change and Health. Dr. Holder will share insights on the crisis at the intersection of healthcare and the climate crisis. View Dr. Holder’s TED Talk, “The link between climate change, health, and poverty.”

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RPCVs Take Action

After Dr. Holder’s presentation, we will learn what actions we can take to strengthen the global healthcare infrastructure, combat climate change, and advance grassroots community engagement.

As Returned Peace Corps Volunteers who have seen the impact of climate change on communities worldwide, we recognize the need to speak out. We must talk to our neighbors and communities through direct conversation, or more broadly through Letters to the Editor and advocacy work with our city, state and federal legislators. In this way we take a new look at how to act on the Peace Corps Third Goal — Bringing the World Back Home — sharing our international experience and impact with Americans.

Please come to the meeting prepared with a newspaper article you would like to target for your letter! We encourage letters on the impact of climate change on global health, but these techniques can be used for any topic that you feel passionately about. Peace Corps funding and support? Refugee and immigration challenges? Climate change and environment? Speak out!


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